Our veterinary surgeons and staff are fully qualified and experienced, we work throughout the UK and Europe to deliver quality breeding services tailored to your herd and flock requirements.


Geraint Thomas

Veterinary Surgeons

Caroline Abbott MRCVS

Paddy Buckley MRCVS

Ben Burton MRCVS 

Hannah Dalton MRCVS

Hendrik Du Toit MRCVS

Hamish Howie MRCVS

Jon Hunton MRCVS

Will James MRCVS

Frans Jooste MRCVS

Katy Muir MRCVS

James Mylne MRCVS

Lynn Tait MRCVS

Gavin Tait MRCVS

Tom Wallbank MRCVS

Guto Wynne MRCVS



Cally Gilchrist
Ram Shed and Pharmacy Co-ordinator

Rachel Almond
Senior Semen Co-ordinator

Alan Sands

Andrew Hambleton
Embryologist and Bull semen collections

Claire Cochrane

Carol Mair
Animal Breeding Technician and Embryologist

Jennifer Donald
Animal Breeding Technician and Embryologist

Christina MacDonald

Fiona Brown

Lindsay MacDonald
Animal Breeding Technician

Nichola Wightman
Embryologist and Programming

Robert Bell

Holly Ker
Animal Breeding Technician – Placement Student  

Jessica Browne
Ram Shed Technician – Placement Student  



Alice Blandford
Centre Manager and Embryologist

Megan Clifford
Semen Co-ordinator 

Abi Guest
Laboratory and Ram Shed Co-ordinator

Tomos Morgans
Stocks Person and Ram Shed Technician

Lynn Tait

Tomas Fanti

Ella Horner
Animal Breeding Technician – Placement Student

Lucie Wheelhouse
Animal Breeding Technician – Placement Student




Sarah Sloan
Belfast Centre Manager

Shannon Okane
Embryologist and Animal Breeding Technician

Kelly Okane
Ram Shed Technician

Kerren Galloway
Animal Breeding Technician

Maeve McCall
Ram Shed Technician




IVP Edinburgh

Fernanda Aidar
IVP Laboratory Manager

Naomi Middleton
IVP Client Co-Ordinator

Christine Crosbie
Senior IVP Embryologist

Rachel Walker
IVP Embryologist

Sal Dodds
IVP Embryologist

Jan Bothwell
IVP Technician

Joanna Sutherland
IVP Technician – placement student




Shahrom MacManan
Financial Accountant

Lynn Herkes
Accounts Administrator

Fiona Johnston
Credit Control                                                              HR and Health & Safety Co-Ordinator

Joan Ramsay
Finance Assistant