There is large demand for UK genetics throughout the EU and the rest of the world. AB Europe veterinarians and technical staff work closely with DEFRA, International Government  departments and Agencies to assist breeders who wish to import or export semen and embryos. As most international movement of livestock genetics occurs in the form of frozen semen or embryos, our import services enable breeders to access this global resource and further their links abroad increasing sales.

Export rules and regulations continue to be a complex process; quarantine restrictions, health requirements and various blood tests mean the collection process can take 2 – 9 months. Each export market also has different health requirements therefore the process could potentially be even longer and most new markets require a pre – entry quarantine. Once semen has been collected, it can be frozen in different concentrations depending on the requirements, it must then remain in quarantine, for up to 30 days. Post-collection testing samples must also be collected. Therefore forward planning and special consideration is needed if you receive export inquiries.

AB Europe have facilities set up especially for semen collection and also donors for exporting embryos. We can assist breeders through what can be a complicated paper trail to make import and export movements run as smoothly as possible.


The rules and regulations are always changing, therefore is it best to contact us.