AB Europe offers an on-farm collection service for bull semen at your own premises. 

Firstly, you will need to apply for a license from Animal Health (APHA). This is a simple process, and AB Europe can apply for this on your behalf. 

Your own vets will be nominated to TB test and bleed the bull for Brucellosis and Enzootic Bovine Leukosis. Your license, valid for three months, will be issued once APHA receives notification from your vets that the test results are clear. Semen can then be collected, typically once a week, until a target number of straws is reached. 

To optimise the chances of successful semen freezing, the bull must be in good health and fitness, and not allowed to serve large numbers of cows during the collection period. Prior to each collection, suitable teaser animals must be synchronised to be on heat. 

On-farm, we need basic facilities – access to a power source and a safe working area for personnel and animals. The teaser animal should be securely restrained with a halter and straw bales positioned either side to prevent excessive movement. The bull can jump the teaser, at which point he will be collected into an artificial vagina (AV). 

The semen sample will be analysed and processed, then taken to a processing centre for freezing. If the semen ‘passes’, having demonstrated over 30% progressively motile sperm, it can be stored on-farm or on-centre, for transfer or sale. 

To discuss the process further please contact Andrew Hambleton on +44 (0)7792 805551