Semen Freezing and Storage

Freezing semen from your stock ram provides peace of mind against infertility or death. In the wake of FMD and BTV, more and more sheep breeders are preserving their elite genetics and the semen freezing and storage facilities provided by Animal Breeding Europe enable breeders from across the UK to take advantage of the ultimate form of insurance.

The UK’s leading provider of semen freezing services for sheep, AB Europe offers breeders:

  • Cost effective insurance against death/serious injury - many prize winning tups are still able to sire lambs many years after their death via frozen semen
  • The ability to breed from injured or incapacitated rams
  • Shared assets - enabling consortium owners to share the ram without transporting him
  • An additional source of income from ram semen sales
  • The opportunity to export ram semen worldwide
  • Contingency planning - preserving your superior genetics and rare breeds
  • The opportunity to fertility test rams prior to artificial insemination (AI)/natural service
  • Frozen semen can also be used as a back-up on your AI day

Breeders can access our dedicated approved facilities, based in the UK, and take advantage of our DEFRA approved, isolated health status export facilities in Malvern and Edinburgh, enabling breeders to export semen worldwide.

AB Europe veterinarians are also able to offer fertility testing to ensure that your ram is fertile and ready for the breeding season.

Our Centres

AB Europe - Malvern centre
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AB Europe - Edinburgh centre
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AB Europe - Northern Ireland
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