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Animal Breeding Europe (AB Europe) is a centre of expertise and excellence in the import and export of genetics from sheep and goats and a reference point for breeders, farmers, government departments and agencies alike. Most international movement of livestock genetics now occurs in the form of frozen semen or embryos, with our import services enabling sheep breeders to access a global resource.

AB Europe veterinarians and technical staff have a wealth of experience in the import and export of semen and embryos from sheep and goats. We work closely with DEFRA and international agencies to assist breeders who want to import or export semen and embryos; liaising with overseas breeding companies to facilitate the movement of genetics into out DEFRA approved quarantine facilities in Malvern and Edinburgh.

AB Europe staff assist and advise breeders through what can be a complicated paper trail to make your import and export movement run as smoothly as possible.

AB Europe centres have recently exported semen/embryos to numerous countries including Chile, Canada, Europe, Guyana, Trinidad and Tobago, Romania and the USA. We continue to play an important role in enabling sheep breeders to further their links abroad and to increase semen and embryo sales. Imported semen and embryos, particularly from New Zealand, are maintaining popularity for creating new genetic input into the UK.

International movements take time, so please seek advice well in advance if you are planning to import or export genetics.

Please email if you are interested in importing or exporting.

Terms and conditions of sale apply.

Our Centres

AB Europe - Malvern centre
01531 651 210

AB Europe - Edinburgh centre
01875 614 500

AB Europe - Northern Ireland
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