Artificial Insemination offers sheep breeders the opportunity to maximise production by:

  • Using one ram to serve more ewes during a period of time than he could achieve naturally
  • Using semen from rams with high genetic merit to improve your lamb quality
  • Reducing disease risk; new bloodlines can be accessed without needing to buy or transport animals
  • Compacting your lambing, saving you labour & simplifying your husbandry & management systems
  • Bringing lambs up in uniform batches for shows & sales
  • Laparoscopic AI also allows you to purchase frozen semen instead of an expensive ram, or to share rams more efficiently over a greater geographic area

Our veterinary teams specialise in laparoscopic AI in sheep; they are highly experienced and can inseminate large numbers of ewes daily depending on your set up.

On-Farm AI is available for breeders with more than 25 ewes to inseminate and we also offer On-Centre AI days for breeders wanting to inseminate smaller numbers of sheep.

Cervical insemination services are also available for organic sheep breeders who wish to take advantage of AI in their flock.

We ask all clients to book your frozen semen requirements at least 14 days before your AI day. A wide range of semen from a number of different breeds is offered for sale via our annual Service Directory. If you wish to use semen that is stored elsewhere then we can also arrange for the administration and shipment of the semen for you.

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