Embryo transfer (ET) is an excellent way of increasing the productivity of individual animals or a group within a herd. They can either be selected from high genetic merit females or from the top breeding females within the herd. Undertaking multiple ovulation embryo transfer (MOET) allows us to produce numerous offspring from a single donor cow in one production year. ET may also be used for health reasons in a herd e.g. Johne’s disease or mastitis, where very good cows pose a health risk to the calves they would produce. By using embryo transfer their embryos can be safely implanted into recipient cows which are disease free, therefore the calves born and raised are disease free offspring.

Embryo flushing and transfer is a specialist veterinary procedure and our experienced teams can offer cattle breeders:

  • On-Farm embryo transfer - available anywhere in the UK
  • On-Centre embryo transfer - donors can be admitted to our Scottish facility.
  • Out of season embryo transfer/embryo freezing

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